$100 Billion Project

PLUS: Google's new Program, OpenAI’s Voice Cloning

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Robovision raises $42M to accelerate AI-powered industrial automation (link)

Fieldguide raises $30M to combat CPA shortage with AI (link)

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🗞️ Expanded News

$100 billion project

Microsoft and OpenAI are planning an enormous $100 billion data center project that would include building the largest AI supercomputer to date, codenamed "Stargate".

Set to launch in 2028, Stargate is envisioned as the flagship of a series of supercomputers the two companies intend to construct over the next six years to keep up with skyrocketing demands on AI data centers and increasingly complex AI tasks.

Google supports non-profit companies

Google.org is launching a $20 million accelerator program to support non-profits developing AI technologies. They are providing funding and resources to 21 organizations over six months.

In addition to the funding, selected non-profits like Quill.org and the World Bank will receive training, workshops, and guidance from Google employees on their generative AI projects.

OpenAI’s voice cloning

OpenAI's new voice cloning AI model called Voice Engine can generate a synthetic voice that matches someone's speech based on only a 15-second audio sample.

OpenAI is providing limited access to this technology to a few developer partner companies to test it for educational, healthcare, and communication applications.

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