UK Invests $100M

PLUS: Huawei's AI Priority, Automate Corporate Training

Welcome humans, here’s your 3-minute recap (without the fluff):

  • UK invests $100M in responsible AI

  • Huawei prioritizes AI chip production over best-selling phones

  • Colossyan: AI-powered corporate training videos

  • New tools, funding updates & job postings

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🛠️ Tools

Shortform - Experience an explosive growth of knowledge by reading best-selling business and entrepreneurship books in a fraction of the time. Plus, with their revolutionary AI tool, you can distill the entire internet into concise summaries with a single click – and it's yours for FREE with your subscription. (link)

Rask AI - A tool that allows companies to translate their videos into 130+ languages (link)

CodiumAI - Helps developers discover valuable code suggestions within their IDE, enabling smarter coding and increased value creation (link)

Pecan - Empowers data analysts with basic SQL knowledge to easily create powerful machine learning models (link)

📚 Resources

AI can help you hire more efficiently in 2024 (link)

Palantir stock jumps 19% as AI demand drives revenue beat (link)

Tim Cook's 3-word answer about Apple's plans for AI was incredibly revealing (link)

AI is the most promising tech for businesses but a skills shortage stands in the way, studies show (link)

Fast Company: I experimented with gen AI to boost my creativity for a year. This is what I learned (link)

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🗞️ News

UK’s AI Investments

The UK government has announced over $100 million in funding to implement responsible AI research and development.

This includes $12.5 million for regulators to develop tools to monitor AI risks and $113 million for 9 new AI healthcare research hubs. The government plans to take a flexible, context-based approach to AI regulation rather than introducing new legislation for now.

Huawei's AI priority is clear

Huawei has retasked one of its factories to prioritize production of its AI chip over its bestselling phones. Demand for Huawei's AI chips from domestic Chinese companies developing AI has been growing.

By focusing production on the AI chip, Huawei can improve the number of high-quality, usable chips it produces from the factory.

AI generates corporate training videos

Colossyan is using AI to generate corporate training videos. It allows users to input a script which is then read aloud by a virtual avatar against changeable backdrops. The script is also translated into over 70 languages using text-to-speech.

Major companies like Novartis, Porsche, and Vodafone are already paying customers of Colossyan.

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💰 Funding

Sano Genetics raises $11.4M to advance precision medicine clinical trials (link)

Semron secures $7.9M Seed funding for industry-first 3D AI semiconductor chips (link)

💼 Job Board

AI Sales Specialist at Google (US)

Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Airbnb (US)

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